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   WHO WE ARE   

A pair of professional storytellers and adventurers from San Francisco, CA.
Bruce Mitchell
Director of Visual Storytelling
Jessica Mastors
Professional story coach
Director of Content strategy
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    What We  Believe    

That individually, we are all secretly grappling with big questions: around the nature and purpose of work; possibility, priorities, "success," and what is truly needed to feel both secure and happy. 

That collectively, we live in an age of unprecedented demand: to use our creativity to address increasingly complex global challenges, in a way that is beneficial for people and sustainable for the planet. 

That we live in an age of unprecedented opportunity: Never before has everyone (and their mother) had free or cheap access to all the information and tools we need; to choose our creative constraints, shape a unique contribution -- and live-and-work from anywhere.

... And that people are HUNGRY for new kinds of stories -- a different sort of narrative -- about all that is possible inside your one wild and precious life. 

   3rd Person Bios   

Bruce Mitchell
Director of Visual Storytelling
Jessica Mastors
Professional story coach
Director of Content strategy

Bruce Mitchell is a multi-talented filmmaker, cinematographer and creative director based in the Bay Area whose past clients and production partners include Paramount, Netflix, Google, Square, Udemy, Mercedes-Benz and the Oakland A's


You can watch his reel here.  ​


In 2014 Bruce cycled from San Francisco to San Diego for his sister's graduation, which is how he met Jessica in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Fun fact: he ended up flying to the East coast for their first date. 

Bruce's visual-storytelling philosophy hinges on a commitment to honesty and integrity, which helps keep Jessica's rule-bending tendencies in check. His general aversion to talking about himself leaves little else to say, except that he has every intention of going above and beyond to deliver the precisely-shot imagery that captures the heart of adventure, for your viewing pleasure. 

Jessica Mastors is a professional storytelling and leadership coach who partners with founders and executives to refine and deliver the true stories that inspire decision-makers to say YES.  


As a WFR-certified wilderness guide, Jessica has led dozens of expeditions to connect people with the outdoors. After successfully thru-hiking the 2,187-mile Appalachian Trail in 2012, Jessica came to believe that the most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves on a loop in our heads.

 Jessica has delivered dozens of workshops for top Bay Area universities, accelerators, nonprofits, and institutes for 21st century learning. She coaches MBA students at Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, as well as professionals pivoting to new industries via General Assembly. She has also published 100+ stories on her website.



   Which  is  the  Wolf?   

While it's tempting to imagine that one of us is the Wolf and the other the Songbird, the truth is that these animals represent the two opposing drives that exist within every human being. 

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